Hike Messenger for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha – details, download – free hike SMS, group chat with your friends, share photos, videos & more!


With hike for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha, messaging has never been simpler. Message anyone, anytime, anywhere. Absolutely free. Fun, free messaging for life. Free hike SMS, Group chat with all your friends, Share photos, videos & more!

Hike Messenger for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha

Hike Messenger for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha

Free hike SMS
With free hike SMS, you can message friends who don’t have hike installed as well.

Each hike user gets 100 Free hike SMS every month to message those friends who aren’t on hike. We do the smarts to convert the message into a free hike SMS if the user’s friend isn’t on hike.

Better yet, the SMS user can reply at normal rates and the reply comes back into the hike inbox making messaging very seamless.

+ hike to hike free globally
+ 100 free hike to SMS to India per month

Group chat with all your friends
With free hike SMS, Group Chat is even more powerful.

Create groups with a mix of friends who have and don’t have the app all in one big group.

Share photos, videos & more!
You can send photos, videos and other media to. Just snap and share!

You can also share photos & videos with those who don’t have hike with Free hike SMS! Yes, thats right, sharing media on SMS is possible!

  • License: Freeware
  • By: Bharti Softbank
  • URL: www.Hike.in

Requirements Nokia Store
Currently supporting only the Asha Full Touch series: 305, 306, 308, 309 and 311 etc. Download Hike Messenger for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha

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