UC Browser updated to v9.2 for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha phones with Hot Words Search and Password Saving features – details, download – multi-tabs, URL auto-completion, night mode etc.


UC Browser for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha is the leading mobile internet browser with more than 400 million users across more than 150 countries and regions, in 7 different languages.

See what’s new in UC Browser v9.2 for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha – Link 1

See what’s new in UC Browser v9.2 for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha – Link 2

UC Browser for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha

UC Browser for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha

Compression Technology
Advanced compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85%, making mobile surfing cheaper.

Stable Network
Unique Free-link technology makes wireless networks much more stable.

Powerful Search
Embedded various popular search engines to meet you’re searching needs.

Allows you to switch between pages easily, giving a better browsing experience.

Site Navigation
Customizable icon site navigation area allows one-click access to your favorite sites.

Download Manager
Super download manager supports resuming downloads and multi-threaded downloads.

Different versions for different platforms provides you with the most optimized browsing experience.

Pre-load technology further improves browsing speed – pages are loaded before you view them.

Manage your account by making log-in easy and supporting cookies.

Bookmark and History
Instant access to your favorite websites with bookmarks and browsing history.

URL auto-completion
Effortlessly enter web addresses thanks to the sophisticated URL auto-completion – enter only a few letters and select your address!

View mode
More viewing choices for websites with Zoom Mode and Adaptive Mode preferences.

Save and Share
Support to save web pages and images and share them by Bluetooth or SMS.

File Manager
You can open, delete and share your files by Bluetooth in UC Browser.

Night Mode
Unique Night mode protects your eyes in the dark.

Incognito Browsing
For your convenience and privacy, when you activate Incognito Browsing your browsing history will not be recorded while it’s active.

Improved Search Bar
The search bar is now better than ever, with tabbed search engines and a drop-down menu offering your previously search terms as you type your query into the search box. This allows you to quickly switch between different search engines for different content, like between YouTube and IMDB, and get more relevant search suggestions.

Select and Copy
The Select and Copy function has been enhanced, allowing you to see how many characters you are selecting in real time. This can help with sharing content where character limits are an issue, such as on Twitter and when sending an SMS.

Optimized Text Input
Better support for inputting non-English text and for inputting text via Java phones with QWERTY and virtual keypads.

  • Version: 9.2
  • License: Freeware
  • By: UCWeb
  • URL: www.UCWeb.com
Sideload Nokia Store Over-The-Air (OTA)
For most phones which support Java – Universal version for Java – v9.2 Download

For certificate supported Java phones (e.g. Sony Ericsson K750) – Signed version for Java – v9.2 Download

For Samsung Java phones – Version for Samsung Java – v9.2 Download

A smaller-sized version for most phones which support Java – Cloud version for Java – v8.5 Download

A smaller-sized version for certificate supported phones (eg. Sony Ericsson K750) – Cloud signed version for Java – v8.5 Download

For low-memory (128K) Java phones(e.g. Nokia 6070) – Lite version for Java – v7.2 Download

For Low-memory (128K) Certificate-supported Java Handsets (e.g. Nokia 6070) – Signed Lite version for Java – v7.2 Download

Download UC Browser v9.2 for Java / S40 / Nokia Asha Access wap.ucweb.com or wap.uc.cn to download the latest version.

What’s new
in v9.2 1). Smaller Size – The install package is now even smaller, making it much smoother to use.
2). Night Mode Optimized – The function of Night Mode has been improved to take even better care of your eyes.
3). Hot Words Search – Find all the latest search trends in the search bar.
4). Password Saving – The saving of passwords on HTTPS webpages is now supported.

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